You’ll never know who you’ll run in to

I am trying to stick to a relatively clean diet down here in California (punctuated by the occasional cupcake to keep my austerity in moderation) so I went to Whole Foods today to buy some fish for dinner.  I was coming from Santa Monica so I arrived at my local market by car and angled into their little parking lot.  I backed my car in to a rather tight space and noticed that my recently arrived neighbour who had nosed in to his spot did not really have enough room to get out of his truck (he was a gentleman in perhaps his 60s with a rather ample belly), so I zipped out and gave him a little more room for which I won a smile and a wave.  I went in to the store and proceeded to have one of those experiences where every time I turned around I was standing in the poor guy’s way.  It happened about five or six times and I finally apologized to him and said it seemed like it was my destiny to prevent him from getting what he wanted when he wanted it.  He laughed at that – a quite remarkable rumbling sound that I can only imagine a volcano would sound like were its lava made of chocolate.  He handed me a business card and lo!  He is one Cornelius Grant, music director and guitar player for The Temptations.  I met Jack Hammer, composer of Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire” in a diner a few months back and now I have met a Temptation in a grocery store (there’s a joke in there somewhere).  Seems I am doing rather well in music legend department.

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