Woo Hoo

The title of this entry is perhaps a little misleading.  I have noticed that, unlike your typical Canadian, Americans tend to be a vocal lot.  I was at a spin class today and the woman on the bike next to me let out a sudden bark of enthusiasm that nearly knocked me off my cycle.  This is not the first time this has happened.  I have taken hundreds of spin classes in Toronto, and usually at the end of a good class there can be a cheer or two, and some enthused applause.  The other day there was another woman who was grooving along like an epileptic crunking at a rave.  For the uninitiated, spinning is a guided exercise class on stationary bikes.  Your feet are locked down, you are going precisely nowhere in a physical sense, and usually there is a selection of appalling music (Gaga anyone?) playing at deafening levels.  It is high energy, but vocalizations are by no means required.  To do it well you want to keep your body tight to the bike.  Dance moves are a misapplication of energy.  And funny looking.

Perhaps this is the difference between Canadians and Americans.  In a state of extreme emotional enthusiasm, I will neither woo nor hoo.  I would make a terrible game show contestant.  This phenomenon is not dedicated strictly to areas of physical activity.  I have been to see a great deal of comedy here and have noticed a large number of people laughing rather inappropriately loudly.  This seems to increase in frequency with the likelihood that the people in question have not, in fact, understood the joke.

I wonder if this is yet another metamorphosis I will have to undergo in order to truly fit in here.  I hope not.  If you see me carrying on inappropriately when I am back in town feel free to give me a cuff.  If you catch me nervously cackling at something polysyllabic, cuff me twice.  Then tell me what it means.

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