What to do?

On thing I have noticed about this town is that you have to be pretty diligent if you want to be in the know about upcoming events.  I often find myself reading a review of a show or an event that I happily would have attended but had not heard about.  I get a bunch of emails daily but I am going to sign up to as many web sites as possible to try and stay informed of possible fun things.  I spent some time this weekend poring over the free weeklies, an activity I punctuated delightfully be spending an hour at Woofstock.  I myself share my life with a corpulent cat but I do love our canine friends so this was my way of topping up the doggie petting needs.

Here’s what I found so far:

TIFF has the ongoing Grace Kelly exhibit and they have a special offer:  For $22 you get admission to the exhibit and also to one of the Hitchcock screenings in the theatre.  This Saturday they are showing Marnie, which I believe may be one I have not seen.  Here’s the link to the films – they are screening them until mid December and each film is shown twice.  http://tiff.net/filmsandschedules/tiffbelllightbox/2011/4400000154#filmnote

Canadian Stage is having a preview special on their production of the play “Red”.  This play won the 2010 Tony Award and is about the life of Mark Rothko who is one of my favorite artists.

They are offering the previews at $35 per ticket (reg price $69) and I am going to take advantage while I am in limbo waiting for the web site to be finished.  www.canadianstage.com

The Whole Life Expo is running from the 25th through the 27th at the convention centre.  There’s an organic marketplace, lectures, displays etc with a couple of different price points depending if you just want to go see the exhibits or check out the lectures as well.  Could be super wheat germ, could be kinds cool.  www.wholelifeexpo.ca

Neko Case is coming to the ACC which is an appalling venue for music but the ads claim it is in “small theatre mode”.  Whatever.  I love Neko Case (I drove to Grand Rapids to watch her perform on a Catholic College’s basketball court when she was on a double bill with Emmylou Harris) but I am not convinced this is the place to see her.  Though she may pop by the Dakota Tavern afterwards – she has done so in the past.

There’s also free screenings at the Royal from November 17th through 30th as part of the European Union Film Festival.   I know nothing about this – except that “free” is good and the Royal is a fantastic theatre.  Check it out:  www.eutorontofilmfest.com

I think that is it for now.  By all means let me know if anyone wants to add to the list.



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  1. rea says:

    remember, we’re ‘arts workers’ for CanStage tickets. But for the public, the nice low price is $35. We might be able to get in for $20.
    when do you want to go? I would like to see this play as well, preferably with you.

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