Vintage Clothing Show & Sale

Santa Monica is a city on the westernmost edge of the city.  Of the country in fact – it borders on the Pacific Ocean.  It is a beautiful community that I like very much but it is a good 40 minute drive if the traffic is good so I don’t tend to make it out that way often.  Saturday due to some ridiculously unforeseen circumstances I was fully back and forth there on three occasions, the second of which took me to an excellent vintage clothing show and sale.  The show took place in a large community centre and there were vendors from all over the country.  

There were clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry and tchotchkes that spanned the past century or so.


There were a number of authentic and exquisite antique silk kimonos that I could not imagine where I would wear (though I did try).  I tried on a fabulous grey suit that I fantasized made me look a bit like Joan Crawford.  It then made me wonder if Joan Crawford was really who I aspired to look like after all.  I left it on the rack, though it was beautiful.  I spent a few hours there and managed to escape almost purchase free but at the last minute I dropped $5 on this needlepoint pillow which the vendor referred to as “The Cushion Of Laura Mars”.

I currently find it funny, but I believe there is some possibility this could morph into creepy on a dark and rainy night.

Today I am hoping to execute something my California friends assure me is not possible:  The Three Meeting Day.  I will let you know how it works out.

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