Last night Jessica and I went to the Landmark Theatre to take in a film and I was exposed yet again to a superior screening experience.  The theatre we were ushered in to was small an intimate and featured couches and chairs with side tables to put your confectionary items rather than the beverage disk affixed to the front of an arm rest that are so common in the theatres I have known in the north.








Again, the picture and sound quality were impeccable – a fact I was not too concerned about as the staff had sold us tickets to the wrong movie, but we stayed anyway.  We had intended to see “Certified Copy”, an intellectual drama starring Juliet Binoche but instead saw “Cedar Rapids”, a puerile comedy featuring John C. Riley.  The less said about the latter the better, but the popcorn was good and the viewing experience was very comfortable even if the viewing material was not.

I tripped home early, blessedly unencumbered with lingering thoughts on the movie I had just seen, and fell in to bed after reading my California Driver’s Handbook.  A little light reading in preparation for  my in car drivers test, the first one I have taken in over 25 years.

I was nervous about the test I must admit.  I am nervous about any test.  The DMV offices do nothing to help assuage and feelings of helplessness or futility.  They are a soul sucking place.  (I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the show “Reaper”.  It was only on for a couple of seasons and remained largely unwatched but one of the basic premises was that the local DMV acted as a portal to Hell.  Not really that far off here.)  Fortunately the test was outdoors and my time spent in the actual edifice was minimal.  I was there at 8:45 in the morning to sign in for my 9:00 am test, which commenced promptly at 10:15.  At least the examiner was pleasant and I passed with flying colours.

Why a California driver’s license?  I don’t need one to drive legally – I can use my Canadian license for up to 6 months.  I guess I just want to create a feeling of commitment.  That, and the fact that is gives me the opportunity to unleash yet another hideous photo of me on the world.







No make up, no smiling, no humour, no nose.




At least you will have a myriad of pictures to choose from when I eventually go on the lam.

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