Ever had one of those days where every task is Everest?  I woke up to one yesterday.  For no reason I can fathom I had the energy of a sloth on Nyquil.  The dishes needed washing.  Didn’t do them.  There was laundry.  Didn’t do it.  I didn’t even have the attention span to read a book so I leafed my way through the paper, gleaning nothing.  The whole place needed a cleaning.  The apartment is very small so two days of dishes can look like someone detonated an IED in the sink.  The ceramic in the bathtub is worn down and porous.  Combine this with the new, black, shedding towels and the end result is the tub looks like it has a nasty case of mange.  But nothing was to be done on this day.

I finally manage to evict myself on the auspicious excuse that I needed a toilet brush before any cleaning could commence.  I headed out to what turned out to be a 2 1/2 hour jaunt that took me west along Santa Monica Blvd, north at Doheny and back along Sunset.  Along the way there was a pause for an excellent yoghurt parfait and mango coconut mousse cake.  (Yes, I have introduced the concept of dessert to the breakfast meal).  I discovered a local(ish) branch of Out Of The Closet which is a chain of stores akin to Goodwill that sell second hand items, the profit of which goes to Aids research.  Naturally the quality varies wildly but the one close to me has an excellent selection of books.  I came back later with the car and bought six along with a couple of glass vases for $14.

The jaunt felt good and invigorating.  I came home to track exactly how much ground I had managed to cover.  With the close-up map, it looked pretty good:

When you pull back to reveal it in the context of this ridiculously gigantic city, not so much:

Methinks it will take a bit of time to uncover all the treasures this city has to offer.

The walk felt good.  I returned home, calves aching only slightly, and thought it was a day well spent.

I did manage to find a toilet brush as well.  It remains blissfully unsullied.

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