This is just Fubar

This is my friend Jessica Porter.

Jessica and I met when I was 12 years old when we were both attending the University of Toronto Schools.  (She was eleven, but even then failed to acknowledge the wisdom and experience my advanced age held over her own). Jessica is the author of “The Hip Chick’s Guide To Macrobiotics” and the co-author of Alicia Silverstone’s “The Kind Diet”.  She is also one of the most intelligent, self aware, generous and spiritually connected people I know.

Jessica is currently residing in Los Angeles, porn capital of the world, as well as the TV and movie production mecca for North America.  It is the locus from whence the skin, slasher and spatter flicks emerge.

The United States is an interesting experiment in that while the population have largely become inured to violence and bloodshed they are still extremely conservative when it comes to foul language. My friend Mark commented recently that he had inadvertently stumbled across a fairly graphic torture and slaughter scene on a CSI show which was featured on network tv before 10:00 pm, and was astonished to consider Jon Stewart gets bleeped for saying “Shit” or “Fuck” at 11:00 pm.  The hypocrisy is striking.

Well, it appears my friend Jessica has landed herself in a little snafu.  Her most recent book, due out in January, is called the MILF Diet and focusses on women “of a certain age” who aspire to maintaining their vigor and sexual appeal through healthy living and diet.  A noble cause I would have thought, especially as I fit neatly into the category in a chronological sense.  The problem seems to lie in the fact that MILF is an acronym for “Mother I Would Like To Fuck”.  And “fuck” is a bad word, even when contextually it is a compliment to a woman’s attractiveness and in Jessica’s book refers specifically to a woman being in control of her health and body and embracing herself as vibrant sexual being.  So while it is plenty fine to show someone being raped, beaten and tortured on a nationally broadcast show such as Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit, it is NOT ok to insinuate that an adult women just might wanna get nasty.  And like it.

At first I thought this was ludicrous and was dismissive.  The word “fuck” never appears in the book – not on the cover, not in the descriptives, not in the text.  It is implicit in the title and now is causing some trouble.  The book is ready to ship, marketing is in place, tours are being scheduled and suddenly major book retailers are hesitating to place orders lest they offend the sensitive eyed masses.  Even the local macro restaurant in LA that Jess has supported for years, taught from and sold her previous book through has to “run it through their marketing department” before they will display it.

This is absurd.  It is a macrobiotic cook book for women so they can feel healthy and good about themselves, outside and in.  It is being challenged because the culture that has no hesitation to feature the graphic depiction of a rape but cannot entertain the oh so prurient idea that a woman might embrace and enjoy sex on her own.

I know what you are all getting for Christmas.  I am calling Indigo right now to demand they stock Milf Diet books.

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  1. Sonny Bono says:

    Call it Fifty Shades of Whey and we’re good to go

  2. Sari says:

    Umm, I think this was all part of the marketing ploy…Raise a kafuffle & get more free press…She ain’t stupid, she knew why she was doin’ this…

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