Things you may not know about me

Here are some things you may not know about me:

I am terrified of clowns.

I am not a strong swimmer.

I can belch louder than most people in the world.

I don’t really like to eat in front of people.

The last one is a bit odd, I know.  You probably have not noticed as I have eaten many meals with each and every one of you and I am obviously devoted to the acquisition and consumption of food.  But I don’t really like to eat in front of people, it makes me feel slightly awkward.  Not that I don’t have perfectly acceptable table manners (though I have been known to lick my plate when no one is looking).  So there.

And here I am now, trying to launch a new branch of my company where pretty much all I do is eat meals in front of people I don’t know.  The fact that I am not naturally friendly comes as a surprise to no one and as such doesn’t make the list.  So I am doing something that makes me feel awkward in socials settings that make me uncomfortable.  All I need to do is convince the people I need to meet with to wear clown suits and I will have hit the trifecta.  You would all be proud of me – I am going out of my way to not only be polite but actually friendly.

I had a meeting today that was set up by a lovely woman I met on my last visit called Linda Tinoly.  She works for Talent Partners and is based in Chicago though she splits her time between Illinois, California and New York.  She and I got to talking (about food, naturally) and discovered kindred spirits in one another.  She set me up to meet her friend Fran who runs a production company here in Los Angeles.  After some emailing back and forth Fran and I agreed to have lunch at an eatery in Beverly Hills.  Fran was coming in from the West side and emailed me to let me know she was running late.  I got to the restaurant first and rejected the option of looking to see if she was there as we had neglected to mention what each other looked like, so I took a seat at the bar.  I was comfortable perusing the menu when Fran showed up.  All 6′, jean clad, 5:00 shadow of him.

Fran is a guy.

I don’t know why this threw me, but it did.  (In fact the first thing I thought was “I got a %$#@#$%^& pedicure for this?) Fran is lovely.  Friendly, informative, funny guy who invited me to check out his offices at a production facility in Manhattan Beach and may be very helpful in getting work for me here.  And a guy.  Would I have dressed differently if he were the woman I was expecting?  Would I have worn different shoes? (The ones I had on were fabulous.)  More/less make up?  Ordered differently? Hard to say, and I DID recover to have a very interesting and enjoyable time.

And least he wasn’t in a bloody clown suit.

As an aside, I went to The Grove to get some food for dinner and espied this in a J Crew. Now I don’t have to pay a stylist.

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