Things Boys Don’t Care About – May 27, 2010

Little silk dresses with skulls in headdresses (am I about to launch into the tune of “My Favorite Things” from the Sound Of Music?  I think not)

Distressed leather jackets (see what happens when you are not around, Camielle?)

Wings and blings and guns and skulls.  (I AM 43, right?)

And really cool one-of-a-kind patch pants

I bought the pants from the same store that I bought a skirt last year that had little scraps of the american flag and skulls all over it.  I told the salesperson that I thought there was a chance the skirt was too short and I was too old.  She said “There is no such thing as either one of those things”.  I think I love her.

All purchased on Melrose, bien sur.  I think I will give the credit card a rest.  For now.

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