The Pixie Has Landed

Greetings All!

It has been many weeks since my last confession.

I am writing to you from my temporary rental pad in Los Angeles, California.  I decided some years ago that birthdays celebrated abroad, like the calories in food eaten while standing up, don’t actually count so I have made it a habit of being absent for them as often as possible.  I flew off to repeat the experience and I find myself in another tiny perfect Pixie Palace a mere four blocks from where I lived on Formosa.  I have spent my birthday so far eating Farmer’s Market organic strawberries which is pretty much the same a sucking on a sugar cube, only with fibre.

In an atypical move I forgot the cable that enables me to download photos from my camera so I will be image free for the duration of my trip.  Noelle may breathe a sigh of relief as she will not (yet) be inundated with photos of the Scariest Mannequins In The World.

Ok, just one, but I don’t know what the new outfits look like yet.

It is strange being back.  I landed on Wednesday and drove directly to a July 4th party at my friend Anny’s.  I have been tooling around to all my favorite places and I have yet to turn on my GPS.  When I wake up in the morning it takes a second to try and figure out which of the lives I lead are the real one.  I love Toronto, I love my friends and there are opportunities and attitudes in Canada that are so much more sane and humane than in the US, but I still wonder if this place is truly out of my life forever.  I guess that, like all things, remains to be seen.

I am off to a meeting in Santa Monica then for lunch at the Rose Cafe in Venice (another tip of the hat to Noelle, that one).  A wander along the boardwalk seems like a good thing to do and then I have booked myself a dinner in West Hollywood at a restaurant that purports to have the best home made chocolate pudding in the world.  There are worse ways to spend a birthday, I must say.

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    You know how to celebrate a birthday. Fly thousands of miles for pudding.

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