The Mint

You know how there was a very controversial theory some years ago that you could do skull measurements to determine the likelihood that someone was going to be a criminal?  I believe there was a similar derivation used by the Belgians to differentiate the Hutus and Tutsis which pretty much directly resulted in a bloody genocide in Rwanda.

Ok, that was a really bad tangent.  Anyway, my point being I am wondering if you can do something similar for careers.  I went to see a show at the Mint Club here in Los Angeles featuring a guitar player called Brian Ray, who looks like this:

He’s the guy on the left, and I believe my point is you don’t grow up looking like that and wind up an accountant.  I think visages like that are a predetermining factor for a career in rock music .  That and an affectation for man jewelry.  Granted, in this instance the theory may be entirely enabled by the fact that the guy on the right is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, but you see my point.

The show which was very good and very loud, performed by extremely talented session musicians (Brian Ray himself is Paul McCartney’s guitarist/bass player and he also co-wrote the Smokey Robinson hit “One Heartbeat”) and the venue was great as well. The sound board was being run by Robi Banerji, ex of Manta Sound, who is an absolutely lovely guy who has not aged a day in 20 years.  In fact, he looks like this, which may have sealed his fate as well:

That is not that face of an actuary.

Yet again it occurred to me that I was doing something I love – listening to good rock music in a club setting – that I pretty much never do at home.  I am going to have to make a pact with myself to step up the home antics.  It is good for my education, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it is fun.  And that rock visage?  It’s pretty.

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