Super Slider Sno-Skates

I was wandering through the park today and I found myself in the old gravel pit section where families flock in winter to do a little tobogganing.  I espied a young unit who had kitted out some inner tube sliders with what appeared to be duvets.  Their children were nestled in like Faberge Eggs and having a whale of a time.  I can’t say I blamed them – their transports looked like elaborate barcoloungers with downy after market upgrades.  I wondered if they had cup holders.  Or MP3 players.

I have gone tubing before, and it is a whole pant load of fun, but these contraptions raised the common ‘boggan to a level of art.

I must confess to feeling more than a little envy.  Were I to embark on a sliding adventure I would certainly opt for the pleasure disc I observed over the strips of hard plastic (or industrial strength garbage bags) that served the same purpose when I was young.  Remember Super Slider Sno-Skates?  An item that probably should have been marketed under the far more accurate name “The Coccyx Killer” (perhaps with two “k”s, for effect).  Or the Krazy Karpet? (See!)  As low-tech as polymer can be and I loved them both.  I begged for them but my parent’s resisted so we consoled ourselves with the traditional toboggan. This probably explains why I have my original front teeth and enjoyed an intact tailbone for the duration of my childhood.

I tried to find pictures of the Sno Skates and this is the best I could find:

I could be wrong but doesn’t it look like this child’s family has preemptively strapped some braces to his legs?  The body language, the sense of impending doom – ah, the memories!

It has been an unseasonably warm winter to date (to be honest, the aforementioned family was really doing a bit more mud sliding than tobogganing) and I will not be heard to complain.  But when Old Man Winter eventually wraps his icy fingertips around this town you may find me across the street surfing down the park’s icy slopes.  IF I can find a way of sawing my sectional couch in half and taking the bedspread with me.  I am inspired.


2 Responses to “Super Slider Sno-Skates”

  1. Jennifer Ward says:

    I think PC is coming out with a new product “Memories of Snow”.

  2. rea says:

    Ah, Jane. What about the ‘cranium crusher’ which I experienced firsthand? It’s why I haven’t togobbaned (in spite of having 2 great kids) ever since I was 12~! Some Lachine nutbar tobogganed right into and over my head in their giddy run for the bottom of the hill. Sometimes the simpler times were better; others, not so much. Thanks for sharing.

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