Spoiler Alert

I understand it is cold and raining on Toronto right now and you have my sympathy.  It is hot here.  Really really hot.  According to the news it reached a record high of 113 degrees in downtown LA yesterday.  When I got in my car the internal thermometer was 119.  Kinda crazy.  It is a dry desert heat though so it creeps up on you, like a frog in a fry pan.  If you have been sitting for a while it suddenly occurs to you that your joints are dripping.  Air conditioners can’t quite cover it.  At first you think you are being blasted with cold air as the contrast is so extreme then you realize you are really only being gently farted on by an 80 degree sirocco.  I have not cooked anything in a few days – why turn on an oven when you are already in one? – and there’s a piece of salmon I am tempted to stick in the freezer to eat as a fishsicle for dinner.

Last night Bettye Lavette was playing at Largo which was an excellent excuse to escape the heat of the apartment.  Bettye is an R&B singer who languished in relative obscurity until about 2005. She is noted for her incredible interpretations of popular songs (here’s a link to her take on “Nights In White Satin”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jec-awQg6fI).  Her voice is unbelievable, her styling is amazing and she is witty and charming.  The hair on the back of my neck spent most of the show trying to march off my scalp and I was openly crying a few times out of the recognition that I was hearing pure soul and beauty rather than from being sad.  The post show audience was left milling out of the auditorium in a sort of stupor .  Words can’t really cover it.

So I won’t bother trying, but the spoiler alert is that you all know what you will be getting for Christmas.

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