There is nothing quite like pairing good food with a good cause and this fact was well illustrated by the first annual SoupStock.

SoupStock featured over a hundred chefs from all over Ontario serving up their best broths & bisques to promote the “Stop The Mega Quarry” movement.  $10 got you three tickets and access to three different bowls of beauty and the variety was remarkable.  I treated myself to an asian noodle number seasoned with ginger and lemongrass, an asian take on lobster bisque and a fantastic roasted pear and celeriac veloute.  (The latter could have been spiked with blue cheese but was not in my case as I find cheese generally repugnant and take blue cheese in particular as a personal insult.)

I love it when people bond over food.  When I first sublet an apartment in Los Angeles I was staying in the heart of the Hollywood strip, an area that starry eyed 18 year olds may find vibrant and all other manners of society need to experience precisely once, take a few snapshots and then get the hell out for time everlasting.  Unless one is in need stripper boots, a Marie Antoinette wig or a terrible open top bus tour of celebrity hedges in which case it is precisely the area you should flock to.   I was excited at the prospect of being in California but a little overwhelmed until someone pointed out there was a farmers market every Sunday but a few blocks away from my rental.  I wandered down and found myself surrounded by stalls of fresh fruit and vegetables, all delivered fresh from farmers within a spitting distance of the city.  There were more kinds of strawberries and avocados than I could count, a fresh fish truck and a purveyor of the best pesto I have ever had.  I took one look around and thought “I can do this”.

SoupStock had much the same effect on my.  It didn’t hurt that it took place on one of those perfect Canadian autumn days where the sky is a cracking blue and the leaves have takes on a vibrancy the rattles the retina.  I shed my coat and wandered through the throng.  There were thousands of people, dogs and children and everyone seemed in a happy mood.  There was good music playing in the background, the line ups were manageable and everyone bonded over happy warm bellies.


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