Some Good Advice

I am not really one for astrology.  I barely know my sign, haven’t a clue what time of day I was born or what my chart would say about such a thing and don’t understand immediately the inherent differences between the personality traits ascribed to each of the signs anyway.  That being said, my eye wandered over my horoscope today, and here’s what it said:

“Whatever you’re worrying about, stop worrying.  Whatever you’re regretting, stop regretting.  Whatever you’re afraid of … stop fearing it.  Don’t do this just because I’m advising it.  Do so because there really is no need.  Do it because you actively want to be motivated by inspiration rather than anxiety.  Do so because you have more to celebrate than you often realize … and because you are more loved, more appreciated and more respected than you know.”

Seems like fairly sage advice regardless of the source.  Maybe we should all follow it.

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