Shark Week

Shark Week is ending on Discovery and I am sad to see it go.  I am not a big TV watcher but I saw the ads that Shark Week was on and I called by cable provider and signed up.  I have a weakness for sharks, or more specifically documentaries about the ancient beasties.  I am not entirely sure why – perhaps because of their power and the fact that so little is understood about them.  Nature at its primordial best.  Now I have a bit of a rep for being a pint low in fear.  I am the first person to tie a string around my ankle and throw myself off or on anything really really fast or really really tall but I think I draw the line at lowering myself in a cage to paddle around with fish that are 20 feet long, weigh more than a minivan and have around 300 serrated teeth arranged in nasty rows.  I like to tell myself that I wouldn’t swim with sharks because I might find the water a bit chilly, but the truth lies elsewhere.

I also have a fascination with Airline Disaster Week which curiously always manages to pop up just before I am scheduled to take a long flight.  It is funny how TV can be the Great Moderator.  My sister and I, who are great friends now but shared a rather combative childhood, always managed to call a truce when there was an Elvis movie to be had or an episode of the original Star Trek.  (The Vulcan battle theme is so ingrained in my psyche it is a good thing I never married – I may have demanded to walk down the aisle to it:

Although I mourn the ending of Shark Week  and its hours of fascinating and gruesome entertainment I am pleased that to announce the end of another term spent with a dead eyed, soulless predator.  After almost three years I have finally parted ways with my on-again-off-again LA affair.  I learned a great deal from it (like not to date anyone with an actual diagnosable personality disorder) I don’t regret it and LA is not spoiled for me.  I still have every intention of working down there, confident that our paths shall never cross.

In the past week I have watched some fascinating sharks, evicted another one from my life, AND I believe I have come up with my next new business plan that I am very excited about and will be announcing in detail in a month or so.  It has been a good time.  I have always viewed September with a bit of trepidation – it symbolizes a new start to me in ways the first of January never could.  This time around I am filled with energy and enthusiasm for the start of my new season.  I am am not afraid to go back in the water.

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