Runyon Canyon – May 29, 2010

I keep threatening to send pictures of Hollywood Blvd to serve as a contrast to some of the other places I have been, then I go do something else and get distracted.  Today’s subject is Runyon Canyon.  Yet another huge tract of unadulterated countryside, this a 15 minutes walk from my front door.  I never would have known it was there if Jessica hadn’t invited me to an open air yoga class on Friday morning at the foot of the canyon.  And yes, you heard that right.  An open air yoga class.  My indoctrination is almost complete.

Yesterday was the Friday of the Memorial Day weekend.  You could have shot a cannon off into production land without fear of hitting anyone.  They, like us, have a tendency to extend long weekends wherever possible so I felt no remorse in taking the day off to do some hiking.  I DID feel remorse that I thought jeans would be appropriate hiking gear but I thought originally I was just going for a little wander.  Not so.

The following were taken from what I thought originally was the top of the mountain.  It was not.

That is downtown LA off in the distance on the left

And downtown beverly Hills off in the distance in there.  You can make out the ocean in the distance (if I had sent bigger pics)

The canyon with trail in background

Oddly enough, there are a couple houses right up in the middle of the park.  This one was for sale.  $4,200,000.00

Here’s the listing if you are thinking about making an offer.  I must say, it’s pretty nice

Then there was this place, complete with aged beater car and airstream trailer.  And goats and horses, all enjoying a fantastic view

A view of the farm from above

THIS was the actual top of the mountain, reached from front door to apex in just under an hour.  These pictures are of the valley side of the mountains – Burbank, Glendale, etc

I am learning to love the naming conventions here.  If you want to go to Santa Monica, take the Santa Monica Freeway.  If you want to go to Pasedena, take the Pasedena freeway.  Hollywood, same.  And if you are looking for some booze …

I will send the actual pics of Hollywood freakery a little later.  I hope everyone is well.  We are FINALLY warming up – the weather should reach the 80s this weekend.  Just in time for the entire population (myself included) to hit the beach.


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