RIP Liam

Six years ago today a sassy tabby waltzed in to my life and took over.

Liam was charismatic and mischievous and charmed everyone he met.  I liked to describe him as a cat who thought he was a little boy who thought he was an astronaut.

Six years to the day after we met, Liam died of lymphoma.  I will miss him terribly but I am thankful for the time we had.  They were six lucky years and he taught me a thing or two about the bond between humans and animals.

I loved my boy, and I thank him for being part of my life.

4 Responses to “RIP Liam”

  1. Laura St.Amour says:

    My deepest sympathy Jane. Liam was a trooper and you were so blessed to have one another for as long as you did.
    So sorry xo

  2. rea kelly says:

    Ah Jane, I’m so sorry he’s gone. That was too short (while staying grateful for the time you had). Come for dinner? If you can’t make it tonight (18th), one night soon. Hugs.

  3. Liz Massey says:

    Omg, Jane I’m so so sorry. I just left you a msg before I saw this. Forgive me. My heart goes out to you. I know all to well the whole in your heart that’s left after we loose one of our kids. It is truely devastating and I feel for you sincerely. xoxoxo

  4. Paul and Stef says:

    Oh Jane. We’re heartbroken for you for sure. We love our furry friends and after losing our sweet Tigger, we definitely know about the specialness of these gentle and wise creatures. We know that we are all richer for the love they share with us. This heart-ache is the price of love…but it’s worth it. RIP sweet kitty. Thanks for loving our friend so well. ~Stef, Paul & Dora

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