Remember Where You Are

The other day I was walking along Melrose Avenue and I stumbled across the LA Eyeworks annual sale.  LA Eyeworks is (as you may imagine) an eyeglasses store that sells super funky beautiful glasses at usurious prices.  Once a year they unload their frames at seriously reduced figures (Like $350 marked down to $35).  I went in to load up on sunglasses as to date I don’t require regular lenses, although I have begun to suffer what I suspect is a case of “shrinking arm syndrome” as I have to hold menus further and further away from my body in order to read them.  While in the very crowded store I bumped into a tall blond woman in her 40s who was trying on glasses.  She looked very familiar, so I asked her if she was Canadian.  She explained she was NOT, but she came from an area where a good many Acadians had landed in their migration south so perhaps her intonation was one that I recognized.  Later on I realized that I was in Hollywood, so she probably looked familiar because she was a bloody actress and I had put my foot in it by not recognizing her.  And, of course, she was.  An actress named Heidi Swedberg, most famous for having played George Costanza’s ill fated fiancee on “Seinfeld” for a year or so.

So I must remind myself that if I am hanging around in Hollywood California, TV and film production centre of North America, and someone looks familiar there is a good chance I think so because they danced around in front of me on a screen rather than because they possibly hailed from Etobicoke.

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