Random Stuff – May 27, 2010

I am sending along some random pics from today, but really I have to report on my new favorite movie theatre ever.  It is called the Arclight, it’s at Sunset and Cahuenga (a 10 minute walk from the apartment), it shares space with the Cordon Bleu cooking school.  The proximity alone would have made it a contender. Add in big squishy seats, reserved seating (yep, you request an actual seat number when you buy in), really big screens, really great sound systems, and a floor angled sharply enough that even if the 7′ giant called “Jaws” from the Bond movies sits in front of you, you can still see over his head.  They do NOT tolerate talking, nor cell phones, nor texting AND they do not have youth or children’s pricing because THEY ARE NOT ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND!!!!!.  Yep, an adult only theatre that doesn’t just show porn.  It’s like heaven.  Actually, it’s like a great movie theatre designed by someone exactly as cranky as me.  I saw Iron Man 2.  Too many things going on, Scarlett Johansson appears for god only knows what reason (franchise maybe?) but my secret boyfriend Robert Downey is still in fine form (Ok, the “secret” part is really still just a secret to him, but I am sure the fact that we have not nor shall we ever meet is just another small one of life’s hurdles that can be overcome)

Here are some pictures from the hood.  The first couple were taken to benefit my dad.

Here’s one of the truly scariest hotels I have seen (hello, Norman Bates)

This one I love.  “Actual Doctor”.  Well, thank goodness my primary physician managed to take some time off from working the noon show at Cheetahs to write me a prescription!

This is for  Camielle.  Or Bob.  A chihuahua with Nicole Ritchie it its purse.

Random view from Sunset Blvd.  You kind of forget the mountains are there when you are on the hoof.

Tribute to Art Linkletter (that is his star on Cahuenga)

More later.  If anyone decides to come down, we’re going to the movies!


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