I am going to sell the PixieMobile.

I do love it so and we have been on many adventures together, including the cross country odyssey about a year ago.  It is the most fun car I have ever had and I will miss it, but the reality is I am  working from home most of the time now and only driving it about once a week.  The little silver bullet deserves to see more action. (I do too, but that is a whole other story.)

As the car has been garaged for the winter I made an appointment to have it washed and detailed so it would look purty for the ad I will place in Auto Trader.  I took it to Classique Auto Spa in Liberty Village which is not only close to home but got great reviews on several websites that I perused.  I dropped it off in the morning and returned a few hours later to retrieve it and noticed a chunk of paint was missing from the front bumper.  Not huge, about a silver dollar size (you can see it in the photo below – the black dot to the left) but definitely not there when I left it earlier.


I have been trying lately to take a more philosophical approach to life and to not let things affect me too deeply.  Realistically this was an injury to a car, and not a grievous one.  With that thought in mind I took a deep breathe, squared my shoulders and went to talk to the owner (who, by the way, looks like Don Cheadle’s much better looking younger brother.  That didn’t hurt.)

He looked at the car, looked at me and proceeded to not only apologize for the damage but to assure me he would have his body shop guy take care of it free of charge and that he would make sure that he made it up for the inconvenience of having to bring the car back and have it be off road for a couple of days.  I found myself reassuring him by saying that it was an unfortunate mishap that could happen to anyone.  He replied “Not to me. Or my customers”.

At this point my head got a little swimmy.  A calm, rational and reasonable individual taking responsibility for his company and their services delivering a calm, rational assessment of the situation and offering a prompt solution without argument, blame or obsequiousness.  So, service.  Really good service.

I got the keys back so I could drive the car for the weekend along with a promise that the matter would be taken care of on Monday morning and left to drive around High Park with the lid off whistling a happy tune.  It isn’t often that an accident can leave me with a smile on my face and a hearty corporate endorsement, but there you have it.  Service.  It’s a beautiful thing.

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