Pixie Feedback

I received some feedback to a recent Pixie post that I thought I would share with you.  “A book deal?!” you might wonder.  Not so much.  Here’s what I got:

“Excellent article! Endless amounts of invaluable info. We care for mini aussies in Okeechobee. These dogs are incredibly intelligent and playful. They always want to play all day then kick back with the family all night. I definitely enjoy their company.”

This missive was in response to the very first post I ever made and unless there was some “Paul-Is-Dead” kind of subtext I cannot imagine why a dog breeder would have located or appreciated it.  I have also received a number of offers to have various types of insurance sold to me so I am glad to report that the blog world is a rich and rewarding, if cryptic, one.

The heart leaps when one receives feedback, much like it leaps when flower delivery people show up at my office (invariably sporting foliage destined for a lucky other).  Please feel free to comment and send others to the site.  I am rather surprised no one has taken note of my recent and unnerving tendency to refer to myself in the third person (or at least by my Pixie alter ego).   I have been working on a couple of other personae that I may unleash on you shortly.  Methinks Miss Gruntled may have some LA adventures up her sleeve!

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