Pillaging the Art World

I have been very remiss in updating this page, but here I am.  I have just rounded out the week having attended the Billboard Music publishing seminar.  It was moderately interesting, especially listening to Stewart Copeland refer to his tenure in the Police as “Hell On Earth”.  I have been meeting with publishers and generally glad handing my way about town.

I retire at the end of the schmooze to my little Pixie palace, for which I am growing more entranced by the day.  Last week I went to the Melrose flea market and picked me up a little buddha to guard my surroundings.  A chipped nose brought the purchase price to $10.  What’s a little nasal blemish between friends?

I also got into a little haggling match with a vendor over these two little oil paintings.  I am not sure why I like them so.  I guess I like the sense of permanence yet with progress. (I suspect they are paintings of the same scene done at two different periods – the buildings and foliage in the background change and the light standard turns into a hydro pole but the corner wall remains)

For all you all you artists out there I learned a valuable lesson.  While I was busy pillaging the art world and dragging the final price of these pieces from the princely sum of $20 down to a more reasonable $15 per the vendor informed me that “They are signed.  That’s how you tell they are good”.  So there you go.  Don’t forget to sign your work otherwise no one will be able to tell it is worth something.

Little pad is coming together.  And open for visitors …

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