One Fun Thing

I spent about half of 2010/2011 in Los Angeles.  I had visited the city quite a few times prior to the move but it is a different animal when you attack it as a resident.  The place is enormous both in population and geographic breadth and I only knew a handful of people.  I decided to discover if I liked the city and if it liked me back so I rigorously scanned the local papers, posters and web sites to see what kind of entertainment the City of Angels had on tap.  It offered up a cornucopia of different events from comedy to dance to outdoor activities to theatre and I jumped in enthusiastically.  Many of my adventures are documented here.

Then I moved back to Toronto.  I settled back to the city in which I was raised, a I city I know and love, surrounded by friends and family and ensconced in a condo I am enormously (an possibly excessively) comfortable in.  The operative word in all of this is “settled”.  This environment is very familiar to me.  I got used to spending a great deal of time alone in California and add to that an imminent severe drop in temperature and you have all the fixings for a hermit-hood waiting to happen.

Back in LA I had a huge task ahead of me – to schedule dozens of meetings with producers and studios and publishers etc none of whom had a clue who I was.  The task was daunting but I established a reward system.  If I achieved certain professional goals I got to do something fun or interesting like explore Manhattan Beach or go to an art gallery.  It was a great system, I made excellent contacts and saw wonderful things.

Now I am back in Toronto and in addition to Pivot I have a new company to launch and I am faced with the same onerous task of making meetings and cozying up to strangers.  I believe I am going to reinstate the reward system and vow to do what I am calling “One Fun Thing” a week.  This involves doing something slightly more active than eating microwave popcorn and watching “Jeopardy” (which, by the way, I consider enormous fun).  I am going to try to get out and go to a play, see a comedy act, check out a museum at least once a week.  I need to feed my brain an interact with other humans.  I also need to keep it on the cheap as the launch means I will be living on fumes (and microwave popcorn) for about the next year.

My first installment is soon to follow as last week I actually managed a few fun things.  February may be a different story.

By all means let me know if any of you would like to know about the fun things before they happen or if you know of an event that you think I would enjoy.  I would welcome the company and it may inspire me to actually maintain a standard of personal hygiene I have be know to let lapse when the temperature drops into the negative.

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  1. Laura says:

    you got it Jane. Are you interested in the Mayan exhibit at the museum that is coming up, if not already commenced.
    let me know.

  2. The Mad Pixie says:

    I certainly am. I find the Mayan culture fascinating and I also like that within the current Mayan populace I am actually statuesque.

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