Not So OK Computer

I decided to update the operating system on my office lap top last night.  I thought I had left the task to hum away in my absence but discovered much to my chagrin that I had inadvertently put my computer to sleep and arrive this morning to discover there were 51 minutes remaining before the task was complete.  So I settled in to do … nothing.

51 minutes is the average life expectancy of chocolates in a hospital.  It is also how long it took to find a vein in a death row inmate in a botched execution in Oklahoma.  It is the frequency with which someone died in an alcohol impaired crash in the US in 2012.  I know this because I Googled it.  Which you can’t do if you computer is updating its OS.

I don’t want to be one of those “I remember when” types – god knows I already am – but I am always alarmed to discover how dependent on my computer I have become.  Without it I am incapable of estimating or scheduling.  I could scratch these out on paper, but I cannot impart the information to others in an effective way.  This morning I tried to file some contracts but without access to the docket archives it was not worth the effort.  I ended up sitting at my desk, waiting and buggering around on my iPhone, which is another addiction of its own.

I got my first smart phone about seven years ago and my first iPhone only last year and now I cannot imagine living without the technology.  When I am out for dinner with friends it is all I can do not to grab it.  Not to text or call someone, which I hypocritically consider “rude”, but to lookup some banal factoid that comes up in conversation if the source cannot immediately be located.  (“What was the name of the guy who was in that movie about the thing”… is usually how these things start)

I don’t WANT to be this person.  I don’t know how I BECAME this person.  I love to read books and other things made of actual paper.  I love to travel.  I am very active.  There are dozens of things I can do in a day that don’t involve tapping on a keyboard buy so many things become incorporated with the connected world that I have not even noticed the transition.  I think it would be great to break the ties and to run away to a place where the world wide web is a world away.  But then how would I know the name of the guy who was in that thing?



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