Nashville – June 20, 2010

Greetings, Country music fans.

I have been off the grid for a couple of days and I would be happy to report on my continuing impressions of Nashville, if I actually had any.  I have been spending my days in the Nashville convention centre at the Summer NAMM conference (North American Music Makers).  I emerge to seek cupcakes and sundries, but otherwise am limited to making the three block journey from hotel to hall.

I did manage to escape for a moment to take in some of the area’s features.  (Catfish in a boy scout uniform.  Hmmm)

The conference itself is pretty interesting.  There is a decidedly carnival aspect to it all with more than a smattering of Vegas.  Imagine a huge hallway (as big or bigger then the One of a Kind craft show) where every single booth is designed to make noise.  It is cacophony, but if you really concentrate you can pull individual melodies from the din.  Everyone here is a music lover so there is a real sense of community.  Except everyone is yelling to be heard.

I have been keeping a dutiful eye out for the over the top Southern Belles, but they are not in evidence.  I did, however, manage to surreptitiously snap this fine example of male grooming:

And if I have achieved nothing else, I have found my true life partner:

More when I am more interesting.  (A promise or a threat?)

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