NAMM – June 21, 2010

Finished up the conference yesterday, and have moved on to Memphis.  Drove down the 40 highway – remarkably the terrain looks a lot like Ontario with deciduous trees and rocky outcroppings and lakes.  Then you open the door of the air conditioned car and the heat whaps you in the face like a cricket bat.

Memphis is hotter than Nashville, and drier.  Anyway, I have done little in this town so far other than immediately overeat in a rib joint (some things never change), so I will include some photos of the conference and will share the Memphis picks once I have visited Elvis’ spread.

Here are some of the booths from Namm.  The place was huge.

Ukeleles were very popular.

Here’s a classic:

Here’s proof of the cool quotient:

And really, what trip to a music conference would be complete without a completely over the top homage to Kiss?

More tomorrow!  If I don’t explode/melt!

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