My choice of travel companion is not a small matter

My cat is not a small beast.  My most recent post addresses this very fact.  His ample girth may well have just saved me an aneurism inducing episode at the airport.

A few weeks ago I bought my ticket to LA departing at 9:20 AM on January 7th and called Air Canada to book Liam passage in the cabin section of the plane.  As I have mentioned there were severe restrictions on the dimensions of the cage in which he was to be transported.  Well, he didn’t fit.  Today I called Air Canada to find out my options.  After speaking to attendant #1 who looked into booking the cat his own seat (can’t be done, by the way) I was transferred over to cargo.  The cargo guy informed me that not only was my pet not allowed to be shipped cargo AT ALL but there was an overall embargo on pets being brought into the States that did not lift until January 11th.  I thought there was no way he could be right and was transferred to attendant #2 who at first denied any knowledge of said ban.  She went off to check and after about 10 minutes came back to tell me there WAS an embargo on pets traveling in the baggage part of the plane.  As I had booked him into the cabin they had no obligation to inform me, so my ignorance was my own damn fault.  Then she checked again and confirmed that there is in fact a ban on importing all pets until the 11th, cabin or otherwise, which they had completely failed to mention so had I arrived at the airport with stressed drugged kitty in tow expecting to be allowed on my flight I would have been turned away at the gate.  The mind boggles at what my reaction may have been.

I have now switched my flight and Air Canada have oh-so-generously waived the change fees, but the only fare available is an additional $150 PLUS the fee for stowing the cat in baggage is another additional $50 each way.  I checked and absolutely nowhere on the Air Canada website is there any mention that you cannot travel with your pet at this time.  I am rolling up my sleeves and bracing for a long and vociferous battle with AC to get a return on the extra charges.

The funny thing is if my cat wasn’t of such baleen proportions I would have probably been the impromptu star of the next YouTube/airport taser video.

Now leaving on the 12th.  Keep your eyes open for any unusual internet video phenomena featuring a cranky redhead with an overloaded carrying case and a wicked backswing.

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