Moving slowly in

I am settling in, trying to find furniture and the accents that make a house a home.    I wanted to change a few switch plates and realized I would need a screwdriver to do so, so I hied off to the Home Depot and bought a starter tool kit.  It had a hammer, excato knife, tape measure screwdriver with changeable heads and a number of other useful bits.  Not a bad little selection , and for $10 it seemed perfect.  It came in its own carrying case which was enfolded in the industrial plastic shell that so many things are packaged in nowadays.  When I tried to break into it I noticed that the plastic was additionally tamped down with a dozen tiny screws.  So in essence, I needed a screwdriver to access my screwdriver.  I finally managed to unlock my tiny little tool trove with the aid of a small nail clipper and an abundance of profanity.  The switch plates are changed and I am claiming a small victory.

I also managed to pick up a starter kitchen essentials kit.  I would like to meet the person who decided that an ice cream scoop and a bagel holder are “essential” items (actually, we might have a great deal in common).

I found a great little store called Revival where I bought this chest as well and this lovely print ($15) and this epic cup ($3)

I have also picked up a new desk along with a side table, a chair and two bedside tables.  (Photos later).  I bought them all at a whole sale outlet, and was delighted to notice the typo proudly displayed on the majority of their signs.  (Unless they really meant “prey” and I should have been a little more intimidated.)

If all else fails I am going to get a job at this store, if only because I love the name:

Have a lovely holiday Monday.  I am having lunch in Marina del Rey with my friend Anny, then probably off to try and find the remaining elements in the  creation of my Pixie Palace.

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