MIA – Part #2

Ah, where was I?  I believe I had just swapped Will for Jennifer when I last left off.

The lovely Miss Jennifer Ward arrived for a visit.  Jen has been to the City Of Angels several times and as such had a rather comprehensive plan for our entertainment.  I dragged her to the downtown version of Senor Fish just prior to a viewing of the play “33 Variations” starring Jane Fonda.  The play was quite good.  Jane Fonda, not so much.  Jane is rather obviously an actress better suited for the silver screen rather than born to tread the boards.  As such she spent much of the first act frankly yelling at the audience as no one saw fit during her illustrious career to teach her to project from the diaphragm.  She did receive a standing ovation, mostly I suspect for being Jane Fonda. This town is slavishly devoted to its celebrities after all.

Saturday we hopped in my little convertible under looming grey skies and explored the coast.  Up to Malibu, down to the Getty Villa whose collection is focussed on ancient art.

Yet again, the grounds themselves seemed rather superior to the contents of the buildings.

We did managed to create a little commemorative art on our own:

Sunday we tackled the coast in the other direction and headed south to San Diego.  We paused for a delicious seafood lunch in La Jolla, took in the seal colony there, and came to the conclusions that seals keep a dubious state of personal hygiene.

We moved on to Mission Beach and had dinner in the gas lamp district of San Diego.  Someone really should tell the municipal leaders that gas lamps are, by definition, powered by gas. This district really is the bar and restaurant “scene” in San Diego.  After having observed innumerable lasses in teetering heels and skirts the breadth of an average belt we decided the scene was not ours and we beat a retreat after a tasty Indian meal.

The following day we zipped down to the Coronado, a large island off the shore of the city where the historic Hotel Del Coronado is located.

It was here that I ran into Chris Gaulthier, a guitar player who worked at the same studio as Will for years.  He is living in Los Angeles. I have not seen him in Toronto in ages, nor have I run into him in LA, but here we both were casually strolling the boardwalk in a city we do not live in thousands of miles from the place from whence we both came.  This world, she is small.

San Diego was basically a mad dash. We did get to Balboa Park, but we didn’t see the aquarium, or go to any of the museums, or go to their world famous zoo, or walk the streets of Old Town. It is a pretty city, and one that I look forward to investigating further.

Jen and I drove back to LA along the central highway and defying all logic and warnings to the contrary made it back to town in two and a half hours in time to see a benefit featuring (amongst others) Sarah Silverman and Patton Oswalt, which was really entertaining.

Alas, Jennifer had to fly home on Tuesday but we did manage a drive along Mulholland in my sporty little car.

I extracted a promise for a return visit in the near future, and braced myself for the arrival of Canadian contingent #3. More on that in the morrow!

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