MIA – Part #1

I try to limit my postings to when something really interesting happens.  As such, you may have assumed that nothing has been going on and that life has been lying relatively fallow these past few weeks.  This would be incorrect.

I have had a circuit of excellent visitors starting on February 11th when Willard flew into town.  We started with lunch at the Rose Cafe in Venice and a wander along the boardwalk.  Saturday I was given tickets to go see a performance of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream in Costa Mesa that was scored by my pal John Ballinger.  We drove south along the Pacific Coast Highway through all the little coastal towns, including Palos Verdes which is incredibly beautiful and sports a feeling of the Mediterranean Coast.

We had a nice Lebanese lunch in Long Beach (Dr Seuss is taking over again!), took in the show and drove back, pausing for a rib & duck dinner on Sunset Blvd.  Sunday we wandered over to the Hollywood Farmers Market as Willard shares my passion for all things edible.  I introduced him to some of my favorite things including a spectacular hemp pesto that he may deny all knowledge of lest he be asked to share.

We had lunch at the Pasadena branch of a new favorite of mine called Senor Fish, home of the shrimp & scallop burrito.  Then off for a rapid tour of the Rose Bowl flea market and a stop at the Hollywood Forever cemetery where such luminaries as Douglas Fairbanks and not one but TWO of the Ramones are interred.  Here’s Will with Johnny:

That night we had a simple dinner at home cobbled together from the goods acquired at the market that morning – grilled bison tenderloin and spiny lobster.

Monday I dragged Willard to my boot camp (sorry, Will) where he performed well and upped my trainer’s opinion of Canadians as a group.  We skipped off to meet an old friend of Will’s from Guelph, Chuck Tatham, who is a writer on the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” and also the unwitting victim of my next beg-for-work assault.  Chuck is a really nice guy and as an added bonus I ran into Becky, ex-pat Niagara Fallsian (?) and current VP of Film Music at Fox (and another intended victim of the beg-for-work assault) with whom I will be dining in the near future.  Here’s Will on set:

After marauding around Fox we took a drive through Franklin Canyon and went over to Burbank to watch a comedy show featuring another old friend of Will’s called Deven Greene who was performing with her husband.  The show was delightful and the headliner was hilarious.  I will not do her the discredit of repeating her act here, but rest assured I will steal the best bits for future missives.

Tuesday and Wednesday both Will and I were enrolled in the New Music Seminar at Universal City.  To be perfectly honest neither of us were holding out great hopes for the seminar.   I had only found out about it because I was sent a Groupon informing me of its existence.  We decided to go, especially as it provided a handy excuse for a tax write off, and we agreed that if it seemed lame we would ditch the seminar and find alternate entertainment.  So, all things being equal, it was excellent.  There was a wealth of information, fascinating speakers on a variety of topics, great Q&As, possibly the best seminar handbook I have ever come away with everything from sample contracts for the touring musician to a comprehensive contact list for all the experts (beg-for-work assaults #3 through #30 to commence shortly).  I loved it.  Moby was on one of the panels and yet again I was really impressed with his quiet wisdom.  He seems really grounded and extremely appreciative of the fact that luck has granted him the chance to live the life that he does as a successful artist.  If I can find the time I may be up for a casual stalk of him – I think we should be friends.  Having said that I think it would be wise for one or two of you to start cobbling some bail money together for my inevitable arrest should I decide to pursue this further.

We managed to punctuate our seminar days with a delightful dinner with Jessica Porter.  Needless to say she and Will got along like a house afire.  Wednesday night we had dinner at my humble abode and on Thursday I took Will to the airport to send him to the welcoming arms of Murray & Jill in Seattle, and to provide such a welcome to the lovely Jennifer Ward who arrived that night.

I think that may be enough for now.  I will pick up tomorrow with Jen & Jane’s excellent San Diego adventure – stay tuned!

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