Memorial Day Continues – May 31, 2010

In a fit of remarkably un-Jane like behavior I bought nothing in the store below (Ok, it was closed)

Nor did I buy the ridiculous, do-up-with-your-own-tail rhinestone snake shoes.

But I DID buy the ridiculous tank top w/depiction of the Last Supper in sequins.

Intervention?  Anyone?

Jessica’s friend Emily was telling me about her search for the ultimate Korean bath house in LA.  Evidently there are many of them – you get access to their baths and hot pools and massage chairs for about $15 and you can stay for the day!  There is an additional treatment whereby you have all the dead skin loofahed off and then are sloughed with buckets of water.  Sounds like torture, am told it feels great.  I spent the morning at a Russian spa.  I had a traditional Swedish massage and then went to use their waters.  They have a treatment called Platza, which you start by sitting in their hot steam room.  (They brag it is the hottest in North America – over 200 degrees.  Imagine the hottest place you’ve ever been.  Now double it.) Then you alternate the sitting and baking with jumping under a cold, pounding waterfall shower, then plunging into an ice bath.  Sort of like the Scandinavian baths in Mt Tremblant only inside and more extreme.  You do this three times and on the third time they beat you (lightly, or so they claim) with something called a Venik, which frankly looks like a bunch of branches.  You pay for this.  I did not opt for this treatment though I did do the Bake/Shower/Plunge rotation once.  Then I shot off for brunch and stuffed myself to bursting with blintzes.

Between this, the Korean baths and the massage I had by the Khmer Rouge guy on Saturday I am thinking that these Commies have an odd sense of cleansing and personal hygiene.  Kind of purgatory-oriented, methinks.

Back to the quest tomorrow, and I am sure more adventures on the horizon.


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