Mayan Adventure – Day 2

Day 2

I decided that this day would best be spent exploring my immediate surroundings, so I strapped on some sandals and started to wander. The new Tao residential community is still in it infancy but they have landscaped the first phase nicely and there is an exquisite (and apparently unused) infinity pool.

Tao PoolTao Pool 2

It lies on the edge of the enormous Bahia property and is set amidst their elaborate golf course. The Bahai complex has four separate resorts, the Sian Ka’an which is on the northern side of the highway and therefore not on the beach, and the Tulum, Akumal and Coba resorts which lie on the coast to the south. Between them the share some 4000 rooms and are spread over many acres. I wandered over to Sian Ka’an first which took me past the enormous golf clubhouse.

Golf Club

It took about 15 minutes to walk to the first of the resorts during which time I saw about three people, all of them staff of the hotel and this resident:

Resident Iguana

I walked past the driving range and in the same breath considered and rejected taking a golf lesson. The air was hot but not oppressive, the smells were intoxicating and the colours so vivid as to be blinding after the monochrome of a Torontonian winter. My hair tapped my naked shoulders to the rhythm of my steps and for the first time I consider the possibility of relaxing.

Sian Ka’an is set in the jungle. It is the smallest of the four properties and the most upscale. I elected for my first day to buy a meal pass that allowed unlimited access to the buffet restaurants throughout the resort. I am always a little leery of all you can eat buffets. The demon of “getting your money’s worth” seems to infect everyone’s brains and one eats exponentially more than necessary. The breakfast on the offer at Sian Ka’an was elaborate and catered to an international clientele.

Breakfast Buffet

My first round (yes, I succumbed) saw strange assembly of Chinese stir fried vegetables, a pancake with maple syrup, bacon, chorizo, a potato fritter and guacamole.


Round 2 (I wasn’t kidding) saw smoked salmon and two kinds of caviar

Caviar X 2

Sated (or perhaps stuffed is a better word for it) I went to explore this resort. It is an adult only facility and as such is serene and set along three quiet pools. There are golf cart shuttle trains to ferry people to the beach and to the remaining resorts but I opted to walk much to the utter incomprehension of the staff. I made my way down the road and over the highway bridge and ended up at the Tulum Resort

Tulum Lobby

Tulum is enormous, the least expensive of the resorts and caters to younger (read: partying) crowd.


There wass piped in music, pool activities and an MC. You could take Zumba on the beach

Zumba on the beach

After the tranquility of Sian Ka’an it was like a knife in the ear. I made my way down to the water and moved towards the Akumal property.

Akumal LobbyAkumal Resort MapAkumal Theatre

This one was equally enormous but seemed a little more mature. There was a quiet area in the pool

Quiet Pool Sign

and they don’t take kindly to the frivolities of the Tulum crowd.

No Topless

(That said there was one pool that had piped in the unmistakable strains of “Funkytown”. I guess some things cannot be escaped)

The properties all share a beach area. The water was warm and the sand surprisingly cool.


Bahia Beach 3Bahia Beach 1

After lingering on the water’s edge I made my way up to the final resort, Coba.

Coba Lobby

At first I could not figure out what the specific market was for this resort. I started to wander around and when I reached the first pool I was greeted with a large children’s waterpark. Ahhhh. Families. I turned on my heel and escaped.

I had by this point been walking for several hours so I hopped on one of the courtesy carts for a lift back to Sian Ka’an then walked home. My own choice of accommodation seemed like the wisest decision I could have made. These resorts seem to cater to those who want to have FUN. Lots of food, lots of drinking, lots of noise. I am much more content to have lower case “fun”. Sitting around with my smart witty friends, reading and watching the world.

I decided to drive back to Akumal Resort for lunch (an even larger more elaborate selection that Sian Ka’an) the in to Tulum for supplies. The supermarket was a revelation. They sold everything from oranges to sombreros, with a large selection of tequilas in the middle. There was a bread bar, a cheese counter and to my shock and delight an ham bar featuring different variations of aged and smoked pig. I bought breakfast supplies, snacks, water and a sample of Serrano ham (I couldn’t resist). I did give the frightening dessert counter a wide berth.

terrifying Dessert2Terrifying Dessert 1

I headed back to the villa and spent a lovely few hours on the roof deck with a couple of plunges in to the refreshing pool. I finished the evening with a nice restrained dinner at Sian Ka’an though I could not resist the lure of the dessert buffet.

Dessert BuffetDessert Buffet 2

I will expand my culinary horizons on the rest of the trip, and hopefully not my waistline with it.



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