Mayan Adventure – Day 1

Day 1:

I am on a vacation. The opportunity presented itself; the need was absolute and I decided to wing off to a small town called Akumal in Riviera Maya. I have rented a villa and am going to do my damndest to relax. I have taken a couple of four day long weekends but the last time I was south for a week was eight years ago. Too long by far.

On this break I am going to try a new approach. I am going to be nice to people and try to be friendly. Sounds easy doesn’t it?  I do not generally go out of my way to be unpleasant, but I am an impatient and demanding soul by times and shy to boot.  Now seems like an appropriate time to try to change my ways.

The journey started off inauspiciously with a one hour flight delay, information I received via email some fifty minutes before the scheduled departure time and within a window where I suspect most of the passengers have already arrived at the airport. I would normally find this profoundly irritating but instead I had decided to dwell on the bloody miracle that is modern flight and that even with a delay by the end of the day I will be in a different country and climate.

The departure board was indicating a different time than the email suggested so I decided to ask an agent. The diminutive woman behind the desk eyed my approach warily – I suspect most interactions she has with the public are unpleasant – so I threw on my sunniest smile and asked which to be believed , board or email? She was visibly relieved, told me the board probably was more accurate, I smiled and thanked her and went off to wander the terminal. Pearson 3 is clean, renovated and offered some reasonable food options. I set myself up with a jasmine tea from David’s, a piri piri chicken wrap from Amaya and settled in. That was not so difficult.

The flight was uneventful, the Cancun airport is ridiculous but I was resolved not to lose my new cool. I picked up my rental car and drove for about 80 minutes on a well paved, arrow straight highway. The speed limit signs seemed absolutely random but I resisted to urge to break any of them and I arrived at my destination.

A two bedroom villa in a secluded private area on the Bahia Principe estate.  Two bathrooms, a TV nook (that has thus far yielded on channel featuring a Bradley Cooper film dubbed in Spanish, but no matter) all lit by an enormous skylight.

2nd Bathroom 2nd Bedroom  Kitchen Living Area 2 Living Area Master bath 2 Master bath Master bedroom Sitting area Skylight

Plus an outdoor privacy deck, eating area and plunge pool.

DeckPool & diningPool1Pool2Stairs to deckPool from balconyDeck1Deck 3Deck 4


The villa lies on a new development section of the vast Bahia property.  Eventually there will be 400 units of varying sizes but to date only 70 have been built and may of them are unoccupied.  As as the tourist season does not really take effect for a week or so I suspect my timing is perfect.  I believe there are fewer than 100 people in the immediate vicinity, none directly attached to my little home and there is precious little evidence of the remainder.  This promises to be a beautiful adventure

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