Manhattan Beach

I went out to Marina Del Rey the other day to test drive a car I had seen on Auto Trader.  A little Pontiac Soltice, silver with ridiculously low mileage (under 2000).  The price was right, the car was cute and I have been debating whether I should buy a car or keep renting.  The rental rates seem to be climbing but insurance it covered so there are pros and cons to each scenario.  I was not particularly familiar with the Solstice, but it does have “girl car” written all over it.
I drove out to the lot and took it for a spin and oh my goodness what a useless excuse for an automobile.  It is lovely to look at, but really low riding, not a lot of power (those who know me know I have a tendency to drive rather quickly) and there was exactly zero trunk space.  With the roof UP I could not fit my computer bag/satchel in, leave alone the idea of a bag of groceries.  With the roof down and tucked away an orange in the storage space would have wound up as juice.  It was like driving a purse.  So no car for me that day.
I had a meeting later on with Fran The Man in Manhattan Beach and he recommended that rather than drive straight back to the highway I take a little detour to the shore.  I keep forgetting that if you keep heading west, you inevitably bang into this:
Manhattan Beach is lovely and unlike its more northern counterparts like Venice and Santa Monica there is no highway close by so from the steep little streets that peg off the main drag you are seconds from the sand.  There is a very nice small town vibe to it and I have been told the surfing is excellent.
I rolled up my trousers and wandered into the frigid ocean, marveling at the 90+ degree heat in NOVEMBER no less.
I noticed the birdies had the same idea.

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