LP. But not long play


Yes, that is a picture of me. Or more accurately, a picture in which I appear.   I know.  “Rare” doesn’t even begin to cover it. In this shot I am swaddled against the February cold in what would best be described as most of my bedding and as such appear larger, but in general when one thinks of me the term “statuesque” does not spring to mind.  Nor does “gargantuan”, elephantine”, “towering” or “prodigious”.  My point – I am rather small in stature.  I add this picture not for vanity but for context as I would like to draw your attention to the wee little dark haired girl in the middle.   Her name is LP, I caught her show on Saturday at the Danforth Music Hall courtesy of Primary Wave (and a big thanks to Marty Silverstone for inviting me).

LP is a New York born, LA based singer songwriter who has had a very successful career writing tracks for other artists and decided to start performing her own material.  She weighs about 85 pounds soaking wet (add another 5 for a wicked skull ring and leather jacket combo which I coveted) and seems to be comprised of about 73% lung.  For that tiny thing sings like this:

She is on a tour with Kodaline right now and has an album dropping in May (I think).  I told her management that I full expect to see them switch places on the marquee by summer as she frankly blew the headliners out of the water.  AND she was really humble and nice.

I way delighted to hear such incredible talent shining in the middle of a dreadful winter, and that music continues to find new ways to express itself (she plays a wicked ukulele!), and that little chicks with big voices can find a place in the world.  And I am going to sell this picture on Ebay when she is super famous.

A Beyonce cover for your listening pleasure:

Here’s a better picture of her.  The one above represents my quota for the decade.

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