Love song to a soft seat theatre

It has been a delightful and active summer, and one that is drawing to a close. The weather has turned, the trees are losing their leaves, the kayaks are put away and I have returned to the first Doc Soup of the season at the Bloor Hot Docs theatre.

I am a documentary addict and the fact that this city is host to the only dedicated doc theatre in the world makes me happy and proud.  During the cooler months when the seductive lure of the sunshine has skulked away I can be found here once a week and often more.  The Doc Soup series features a new release film and is followed by a Q&A with the producers, directors and often subjects.  I have been enthralled by topics I never knew I would find interesting and it is always a fascinating experience.

The Doc Soups are often sold out and as such  I get to the theatre early to score my favourite seat. I eschew the renovated plush recliners on the ground level and instead head for the second balcony where I tuck myself in to a place I call the “nose cone”.  There are two such areas that flank the upper entrance to the balconies and consist of four seats that descend in single file to the frontmost, which has an unobstructed view and has no neighbours save the one seat directly behind.  The only drawback is that the seat is tight to the plaster wall of the front balcony and offers considerable less leg room than one would find in economy class on a cheap charter airline.  If you are taller than about 5’2″ or do not possess rather truncated limbs like my own I wouldn’t recommend it.  If at all slouched down my knees are jammed against the wall, but I love the fact that I can take possession of my own little theatrical fiefdom and cast off to a world of my own with popcorn and liquor if you want it!

I settled back this past evening and felt like I was being wrapped in a warm blanket,  welcomed back by an old friend.  This particular documentary was less than perfect but I am looking forward to another season in my happy little haven.  Come get me when spring arrives.


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