Long Beach

I spend a good amount of time in California doing research, talking on the phone, scheduling and rescheduling appointments but on Thursday after I had put a significant number of ducks in carefully appointed rows I decided to take a day off and drive down to visit the aquarium at Long Beach.  Long Beach lies south down the coast and is a quite large city on its own although it is still part of the greater Los Angeles area.  It has a population just shy of half a million people and is a very busy working town as it houses the second busiest container port and one of the largest working sea ports in the world.


The aquarium itself is rather nice, although I have been to better ones at Monterey Bay and New Orleans.  I may have been slightly off put by the fact that it is a popular destination and was overrun with children, none of whom seemed in any danger of being fed to the sharks although some of them distinctly deserved to be.

There were many of the usual suspects on display.

As well as my new found kin

I though this was an excellent name for a fish (could have described me with a different haircut)

And I loved the attitude of this fellow (called a Rock Fish, which is also not too far off a fair description of your truly)

I found the jellyfish displays eerily beautiful

Plus I learned a thing or two.

I hope they are sure about this.  I have already expressed an unnerving similarity to the otter and honestly there are days I dream of only 5%.  I am willing to entertain the possibility that I am part seal.  If they eat Lebanese food like the delicious meal I had in the trendy area of town it would seal the deal (oh dear.  Puns yet)

All in all it was a lovely day and I learned that I have more in common with the creatures of the sea than I had ever know before.

Or Sid the Squid, at least.

Have a great weekend.

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