I had some friends over for a spell on Wednesday.  They had not met before, but they quickly discovered they had some things in common. One of them came over after a SLAA meeting at the YMCA near UCLA.  They fell in to a discussion of the relative merits of SLAA vs SAA.  Both had previously been members of OA, one was a current member of DA and MA as well.  It was nice to relax with some friends as the next day I had a full schedule of lectures on some very important issues arising in my professional environment.

The first lecture was hosted by AIMP and was chaired by the president of the NMPA who was championing the benefits of joining his organization.  The NMPA has been lobbying changes in the copyright laws as pertains to royalty acquisition and along with the the SGA, RIAA and DIMA have been working with the CRB to iron out rate changes.  The NMPA is associated with the HFA and distributes the spoils of the legal battles they have undertaken on behalf of its members.

The second lecture took place at the AFI on Western Ave and was hosted by the SCL.  Again, the primary concern was the acquisition of royalties and changes in law.  There were representatives from all the major PROs, like ASCAP,  BMI & CESAP.  Lots of war stories (and a couple of good digs at the AFM)!

Do you remember when you used to go to work at places that had names?  And did work that had a name?  When you could go to a “store” and buy “shoes”?  I am wondering if I am just to old school and should be thinking up a good acronym for myself.  Suggestions?

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