The weather has finally broken here and I was awakened last night to the sound of rain.  It is a sound I love and it has made the air fresh and crisp.  Last week there was another heat wave and I made my way over to the LA County Museum of Art to find a few hours respite from this (taken at 11 AM):

The museum is very large and I wisely limited myself to only a couple of exhibits.  The grounds themselves are expansive and airy and frankly rather odd.  There are several large cubes scattered about, each bearing the name of a vastly wealthy patron (Hammer, Ahmanson, Bing & Resnick amongst them). There doesn’t appear to be any logic applied to the architecture or the positioning of the pavilions – I guess when you are being offered a $30 million endowment, you shut up and build the damn building.  And when I set about making my gajillions, I will commission the likes of Matisse to make a ceramic mural for me too, like this couple did:

Yet again, the contents of said buildings are not as impressive as the cubes that house them.  There’s a very famous Magritte

A half dozen black and white Picassos from an era of which I am not fond.  I do so love Rothko though.

I started to play my favorite game “What Would You Steal?”.  Would my mummy mind if I made off with a Moore?

How about a Kandinsky or Klee?

Sorry.  I am beginning to sound like a Dr Seuss character again.

I LOVED this fabric (and thought of nicking it for my sister)

Christmas shopping is fun when armed with your imagination and the concept of pillaging millions of dollars in art.

This one, entitled “Freeway and Aqueduct” (1957) by an artist I am unfamiliar with (Richard Diebenkorn, USA, 1922-1993), reminds me of my new surroundings. It would look quite nice on my wall, methinks.

My favorite discovery was the name of one the exhibitors.  I may insist you all start referring to me by my new handle.

Love to you all,


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