Labour Day

It is officially Fall.  It is the last day of the Exhibition and true to form the temperature has dropped by about 20 degrees.  I woke this morning to see the Labour Day parade moving past my front door which came as a surprise as I was unaware that there WAS a Labour Day parade.  I looked it up and apparently there have been 140 of them so I am a bit behind the times.

I celebrated this last day of summer by taking in the Air Show with my pal Jen, who not only is a lovely individual but also sports the added bonus of sitting on the board of the Exhibition so she gets free passes and VIP treatment wherever she goes.  It is a great way to see the festivities.  In the past few years I have seen a side of the Fair that I didn’t know existed.  Today was no different, starting with the facilities available to the well-connected set.

Here’s the VIP washroom standing next to the one reserved for the common folk.

The interior was quite spectacular and certainly unlike any public portable lavatory I have encountered before.

The air show itself was rather what one might expect.  Planes, and plenty of them.  There was a Lancaster bomber from WWII, one of only two left operating in the world.

There was a MIG and a CF-18 and a bunch of other planes I couldn’t identify (Ok, I could only identify these two because I had a program and the announcer said that was what they were).  There were fly-bys and stunt pilots.  One of the pilots was a gentleman named Mike Wiskus.  The program offered several pieces of information about Mike, not the least interesting of which was this little gem:

I feel I am a bigger person with this knowledge.

September.  Start of a new season, psychological start to a brand new year.  I have shined my shoes, bought a brand new pencil case and am waiting to see what the future will bring.

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