Just when you think you have it all figured out

For some years I had been wondering how the street numbering system worked here.  How is it that a friend of mine could have an address like 20270 North Whatever Street when I knew the street was small and there could not possibly be 20,000 houses on it?  Well, it was recently explained to me and the system is actually quite logical.   I live at 1314 N Formosa Ave.  I am therefore in the 1300 block of numbers, starting from the 100 block at (naturally) 1st Avenue.  One block north from me is the 1400 block, the 1200 block lies to the south.  This holds true for all the streets in the neighbourhood (possibly to the ocean) so you can ascertain relative proximity if you know what block someone lives on.  This would be vastly helpful to cab drivers should they actually exist in this city (which I am not convinced they do).

It gets a little complicated when you start to mess with the fact that there are several incorporated cities within the greater Los Angeles area.  Santa Monica is one, and West Hollywood is another.  WeHo is one of the oddest shaped collection of streets I have ever seen and I cannot determine the logic as to what streets are included in the boundaries and which are not.

I am on Formosa about 4 houses north of Fountain and I am in Los Angeles.  Formosa south of Fountain is in West Hollywood, but the streets north of Fountain to the west of Fairfax are also West Hollywood.  Whatever.

I only realized how complicated this could make things when I went off to find a store at 311 S Robertson Blvd.  I THOUGHT I knew exactly where this was having applied the logic above to my general locale.  Except that Beverly Hills lays claim to part of Robertson, as does West Hollywood.  So there are two North and South Robertsons, about 7 blocks away from one another, and to get to them you have to count down, then up, the down again as you traverse the south part of Robertson in Hollywood, then hit the north part of Robertson in Beverly Hills before reaching the south part of Robertson in Beverly Hills.  Got it?

Both A and B are 311 S Robertson Blvd.

I did manage to drive by a rather interesting homeless guy clad in a black body stocking.  He had an enormous blaster with him and was performing an elaborate interpretive dance on the steps of a hair salon.  Our eyes met on more than one of the many occasions that I was circling the block, cursing and looking for my destination.  I don’t know which of us thought the other one was odder.

Oh, and the store that I was looking for?  Closed on Mondays.

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