Just What Is This “Fun” Thing Anyway?

I was just about to post about my activities of last week which involved two comedy shows of very different stripes.  Fun.  No doubt about it.  Tomorrow I am going to the Chagall exhibit. Fascinating and especially fun as I am attending with my artist pal Rea who is a panic every moment she is awake.  (Having not slept with her I cannot vouch for her amusement value whilst in repose.) However, one of the next things on the calendar is a lecture at the Gardiner Museum (of ceramics – hands up those who didn’t know we had one of those) by a gentleman named Stephen Clarkson.  The lecture is described thusly:


Join us for an intimate Lunch + Learn session with Stephen Clarkson, the preeminent analyst of North America’s political economy, as he gives an inside view of the dynamics of the continent’s power relations. Clarkson will speak about his new book Dependent America? How Canada and Mexico Construct US Power (UTP), based on his lifelong fascination with the United States’ relationship with its large, developed, strategically located, but weaker neighbour to the north. Discover the extraordinary extent to which Canada and Mexico contribute to the United States‘ wealth, security, and global power.


I suggested to a friend that he attend said lecture with me and I got a reaction somewhat akin to my suggesting we strip to our skivvies and swim to Buffalo.

Here’s the thing – perhaps my sense of “fun” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  Maybe a lecture such as the one described above would be more aptly described as “educational” or “interesting”.  Or perhaps “crushingly dull”.

I am in possession of a curious mind.  I mean this in both senses – I am curious about many things and my own brain is a little odd.  When something catches my fancy I have a habit of running it down to the finest detail.  My sister and I share this.  We are obsessive researchers, a pair of little Cliff Clavens.  This could be interpreted as very helpful as we read extensively on a variety of topics.  It could also be deemed “really fucking annoying” that we wax on about the most obscure topics and the most off the cuff remark can result in a twenty minute monologue on the encaustic techniques practiced by the Egyptians in 3000 year old mummy portraiture.  Oh, it has happened.  My point being that I feel a constant need to feed the Bean as it were.

Some things I hope to do will be a laugh riot.  Some may be thrilling.  Some perhaps a little depressing. Some will be educational.  I expect at least a few will turn out to be things that hasten me to my grave, hours that I can never reclaim.  I find that can often be the best fodder for conversation or at least a good rant.  You take your chances when you stoke the intellectual fire.  But fear not.  There are guaranteed to be fart jokes along the way.

4 Responses to “Just What Is This “Fun” Thing Anyway?”

  1. Steve Denvir says:

    There _are_ guaranteed to be fart jokes along the way. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Way fun and engaging. Thanks.


  2. alicia says:

    Who is this Steve and how is it he writes from the future? About the grammar of farting no less.

  3. The Mad Pixie says:

    Steve is a gentleman who is absolutely qualified to comment on my grammar and correct it forthwith. As to his experience with farting or the jokes resulting from farting I cannot say.

  4. Susannah says:

    The lecturer and his subject sound fascinating… Am Googling as we speak to find out more!!!

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