John Lithgow

Yesterday was a fine, fine day in Los Angeles.  The temperature reached a fabulous 81 degrees (27C), the sky was blue, the birds were singing.  I spent the vast majority of it indoors servicing Canadian clients and offering to service American ones in any way their imaginations could conjure.  I managed to meander out to Hollywood Blvd but the sites there require their own essay, so I shall touch on that another time.

I had tickets for a performance a couple of weeks ago to see John Lithgow doing a one man show he developed called “Stories of The Heart” in which he recounts two stories from his childhood that he rediscovered while caring for his convalescing father.

Because of the Air Canada debacle I missed it but on a whim I bought myself a single ticket for last night.

I have mentioned before that there is a surfeit of screenings, plays, concerts and other events in this town largely due to the fact that the writers, directors and performers make their homes here.  There does not, however, seem to be a corresponding audience.  While the ticket prices are largely very reasonable I have only occasionally been to a sold out show.  For instance, I bought the tickets for last night a couple if days ago.  This is the view from my seat:

There was no stage, he performed on the flat.  If I was a football player and a bigger idiot I am sure I could have leveled him with a solid flying tackle.  (Why I consider such things is another matter entirely)

The play was gentle and charming and there was a Q&A after with Mr Lithgow who also appears gentle and charming.  It was an evening well spent, even if some moments were spent in contemplation of sacking the star.

Friday night I am going to a screening of Blood Simple which in one of my favorite films followed by yet another Q&A with one of the performers, the eminently creepy M Everett Walsh:

The ticket price on that showing:  $10

Saturday I am off to see Wallace Shawn speaking at UCLA.  Here’s a promo shot of him from “Princess Bride”.

No clue what his topic will be, but I will let you know.  I will try to keep my mind off the idea of tackling him.  If the sightline is good I make no guarantees.

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