Jane As Bourne

In an attempt to ward off the fear that I have become the most boring person in the universe (aided by the oppressive winter we have been enduring) I have been trying to seek out new experiences.  Last weekend, I went and shot some guns.

Let me preface this by saying I have never held a gun in my life, save those attached to a string that one finds in arcades or county fairs.  Even as a child when aiming down the warped barrel of a plastic rifle I felt a queasy sense of a challenged morality in the attempted assassination of innocent duckling silhouettes.  I strongly believe in gun control and registry and think there is no earthly reason that any average citizen should own (or be permitted to own) an assault rifle.

So I went shootin’ last weekend because I have never done it and I thought perhaps I should know exactly how these things function.

I must confess, I had a secret belief/desire that once a pistol lay in my hand it would unleash some long suppressed Jason Bourne skill in me and I would instantly fire off a rapid succession of shots cleanly and neatly through a single bullet hole.  This did not happen.  In fact  believe I have discovered yet another thing that I am inherently bad at, although to my credit it was bloody cold and I was shivering which makes aiming a tad more of a challenge.  We shot 50 rounds of 22 millimetre bullets (the smallest calibre) then ten rounds of 22s and five 45 millimetres.  As one might imagine the heft grows with the increase in size of ammunition as does the kickback.  Much to my surprise I am am better with the larger calibre than the small.

Because our group was small the instructor brought out the big guns, which may be the first time I have meant that literally.  He let each of us shoot three rounds of an M16.  These babies have a laser that lets you know exactly where to aim which kind of feel like cheating to me but considering my target was a virtually unblemished sheet at that juncture I was willing to use all advantages on the offer.

Here are my targets

The first target large 22 and some 9 mm:

The 9 mm & 45

And the target that was tacked up behind my own that I in no way had anything to do with but which I shall absolutely be taking credit for at some point in the future

It was a fun day.  I may even go again.  Perhaps the Jason Bourne in me needs another gentle nudge.

Souvenir 45 shell casing.  Probably not mine, but again, I will take credit where I can.

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