Homeward Bound

I am sitting in the departure lounge of Terminal 2 at the Los Angeles International Airport.  I am in Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, eating my final meal in California of half a pepperoni pizza and a Caesar salad.  It is, frankly, a rather aggressive meal to be consuming just prior to strapping myself in next to a total stranger for a six hour stint as I am sure to be gently exuding an inescapable garlic effluvia but I seem to have made it rather a tradition.  I am not a big pizza consumer and this particular meal combo is one that I surely have had more times in the past few years in this particular environment than slices I have consumed at home over the same course of time.

Travel for me, especially to this city, is like hitting the reset button.  What does the future hold?  Where will I be?  Am I happy where I am and what can I do to improve my lot in life?  These questions are by no means onerous and I think it is a good thing to periodically examine the “You Are Here” sticker on ones life map.

I read a book recently where the author, new to such self-examination, meets up with an ancient and wise guru.  He breathlessly assaults the guru with his questions and theories, at the end of which the guru levels a calm gaze and says “The future is written.  You just have to breathe”.  Good advice.

The future for me now is to swab the grease off my keyboard, settle in to my seat, try not to exhale on my neighbour more often than is absolutely necessary, and let the future unfold.  See you there.


3 Responses to “Homeward Bound”

  1. Stacey Bernstein says:

    Snappy, funny and wise. I love your style of writing Jane. Hope you had a good trip home and that there were no casualties on the plane as a result of the assault imposed by your consumption of garlic and pizza. Look forward to hearing about your trip!

  2. Willard says:

    Nicely written – well done.
    I might have been less concerned with my breath than with the effects of gastro-distress. But I’m not the Mad Pixie.
    Perhaps I should also travel so as to re-assess the location of my sticker. You make it sound like the right thing to do.

  3. rea kelly says:

    Your words are flowing more and more effortlessly. Or is it my reading of your words that’s flowing? In any event, Pixie, keep ’em coming. Your POV is AOK. I like the ‘you are here’ reference. I may steal that. 🙂

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