Having some spare time sprung on me I thought it would be wise to walk around the new environs to get my bearings.  On the way there I walked past more of the dread shutter murals that I notice on my previous trip.  They continue to be of dubious quality and I suspect the artists possibly had little clue as to the identity of their subjects.

Peter Lorre is an odd looking fellow, but not THAT odd.

The cast of Star Trek may have had a word or two on the subject as well, although from a distance it works.

And although I know the tag says Orson Welles, I think Rip Torn is a solid guess on this one too:

In my travels I ran across the following food cart.  I know Toronto has been undergoing a perilously long debate about the trucks and have been considering an effort to expand from ice cream and hot dogs to more healthy, varied and ethnically diverse fare.  If they can pull THIS off, I am behind them 100%.

Added bonus:  what may pass as a (rare) photo of me in the reflection.  In a taco truck.  Perfectly fitting, really.

I found a Ralphs just around the corner from the new pad which will most likely serve as my new grocery store.  It appears that not only will I have to familiarize myself with some new geography, but some new terminology as well.

This burrito looks perfectly dry to me.  An education is in order!

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