Hollywood Boulevard – May 29, 2010

This is going to be the first of a two parter – the second are some of the more freaky details of this fine boulevard.  These are just pictures of some of the local establishments

A costume store, right at the foot of my street, with an astonishing array of wigs

There’s lots of deco, plenty of it hidden behind appalling little dollar stores and seedy clothing joints

And then there’s just the seedy clothing joints.

Musso and Frank – one of the oldest restaurants in LA and amazing on the inside – dark, deco, and the air of mobsters still lurking in the booths

Cheesy museums – you could be in Niagara Falls!

There is the walk of fame (here well represented by cinema’s acclaimed Scarecrow)

Graumann’s Chinese.  No pictures of Spiderman or Iron Man or Freddy or any of the other requisite costumed freaks.  Not because they weren’t there, but because I am too cheap to pay ’em.  (Plus, I may end up as one of them one day)

Olivia de Havilland must have been a midget – my hands are about a third again as large as hers

This is where they have the Academy Awards celebration, I believe

Old theatres on the strip.  Does anyone actually believe Jake Gyllenhal isn’t gay?

These are some of the more touristy (read clean) sites to be seen.  More in a bit on the underbelly parts.


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