Happy Election Day!

I have just treated myself to a lurid green popsicle, the colour of which is only found in nature on creatures who wish to advertise their inherently poisonous quality to potential predators.  I have been shunning sugar altogether until my recent jaunt to South Carolina (I blame my recidivism entirely on Jennifer Ward for reminding me of the existence of Key Lime anything)  I generally forgo the likes of popsicles as I tend to eat healthy foods and avoid the equal parts frozen sugar and shit on a stick that this treat represents, but I was splurging at the end of a fantastic day.

I decided to spend the end of June kayaking out to the Islands, which I had to miss last year due to the untimely breaking of my wrist, and that I almost forwent again today as it was slightly overcast and I was overcome by an attack of lazy.  I ended up rallying and I am very glad I did.  This is pretty much the perfect way to spend a day.  A journey to a peaceful and beautiful place made possible by a modicum of exercise that justifies the consumption of treats.  What could be better!

For those who have not been to the islands in a while it is certainly worth the trip.  From the kayak rental at Harbourfront it is easiest to hug the Western side of the bay close to the airport and to enter the narrows by Hanlon’s Point.  One you are in the islands themselves there is virtually no wind or current so the water is glassy calm and effortless to paddle.  I packed a little lunch for myself but I often hop out at Algonquin Island and eat at the Rectory Cafe, which has a beautiful garden setting and view of the lake to the south.

I often take a little wander through the island neighbourhoods.  The houses on Algonquin are generally larger and more spaced apart than the ones on Wards. Some are quite impressive

Some are less so, but the setting is still fantastic

The homes on Wards are tighter, smaller and more cottage like but still utterly charming

Here is the one I have been obsessing about for years

Here’s where I would like to have the ceremony if I ever got married.  In a church.

Ok, strike that.  Here’s where I’d really like to play bingo one day.

This to my mind represents a perfect day.

And significantly better than this person’s day, I suspect:

I am glad I have broken the seal on the Island paddle and I hope to do it again a few more times this season.  I cannot promise there will not be more technicolour popsicles in my future either.

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