First there was Dia de los Muertos.  A lovely, spiritual, familial celebration.  Then the heathens got a hold of it.

I wandered over on the 31st to take in some of the West Hollywood Hallowe’en Carnavale.  The theme was “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” which was interesting as I saw exactly one person dressed as a character from the show and it was a Little Nell, not even Frank N Furter.  Curious.  Granted, I was there early.  I was a little tired, I am not wild about crowds and I knew it would be absolute mayhem once things got going.  And I was right.  I arrived at about 7:30 (kick off was scheduled for 7:00)  There were thousands of people pouring down Santa Monica Blvd at La Cienega.  I walked for about 10 minutes in, while it took about 15 minutes to get out.  I felt like a spawning salmon struggling to get up stream (which would have made an excellent costume, now that I think about it).

There were quite a few Chilean miners, but I liked this the best (note the caption “What happens in the mine, stays in the mine”).

There were a large number of towering drag queens, and a series of very gay angels

There were some of your traditional scary outfits

There were some interesting creative turns too.  This girl is a “One Night Stand” or, a “One Nightstand” – all of the accoutrement on the desk (cigarettes, condoms etc)

Fem Hi products

This takes some guts

Lots of amusement.

I ran in to this little ninja on my way out.  He was being carted around on his dad’s shoulders, being gently buffeted by the taller bewigged trannies, waving to everyone like the Queen of England.  He truly seemed to believe this was all being put on for his benefit.

Once again, spirits and energy were at a high.  There were DJ booths set up every few blocks, there was music and dancing everywhere and everyone seemed happy to be a part of it all.  I read today that a number of people roughly equivalent to the population of Sudbury, Ontario were crammed into a few city block, and there were no incidence of violence or bad behavior reported.

Well, I am sure there was SOME bad behavior, but nothing that necessitated police intervention.  Although I did see one guy tricked put like the cop from the Village People, so perhaps some exceptions were made behind closed doors.

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